Faiza is a Muslim lesbian from Pakistan.

When she was young, Faiza married a Christian man without her family’s consent. After the wedding, she discovered that her husband was unemployed, alcoholic and a drug user. He severely abused her, beating and raping her. With the collusion of his mother, Faiza’s husband started to sell her to other men. Faiza tells how three or four men would rape her in a day, in her room, while her husband and his mother waited outside. Faiza got pregnant several times and has three children. Her husband beat her more after she had the children because he said they were not his. Two days after the birth of her second daughter, Faiza’s husband brought home three men who all raped her. She haemorrhaged and was taken to hospital.

LGBTQI+ people fleeing persecution deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

But many are locked up in UK detention centres, where they’re exposed to abuse, bullying and harassment for indefinite periods of time.

It’s hard to imagine a less safe place.

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